Monday, March 26, 2012


Flower print silk shirt and neon leather belt, second hand.

Feeling like red, white, blue, summer's in the sky, summer's in the air, baby, heaven's in your eyes...

Popular culture oh how you entertain me at times.

Background pictures are work of mine for the CSM portfolio, it's funny to work on a image and then next morning put an outfit on that resembles it!


A.n.E said...

mm love the way you've done these florals, ever so slightly faded. (you look great in it)

:D go girl! CSM here you come.

hehe The Tribe used to run on sunday mornings when i was younger. I totally didn't even realise that it even showed on tv overseas! Proud NZ moment. hah

Maria said...

a.n.e no kidding, they were once here in Finland visiting the cast, on a singing tour or something as weird, and I was super sad because I couldn't go :D