Friday, February 03, 2012


The traffic in Southern Finland has been a mess today because of snow. Over 100 car accidents during the day.

I was scared to leave the office.

And yet I had the best trip to home.

It was so cold I had to take pit stops at two cozy cafes...

First Cafe Engel where I enjoyed green tea and an apple-ginger macaron.

I walked home by the sea and couldn't resist trying out tea at Johan&Nyström.

There it was, the perfect cup of mint-bergamot tea.

It helped me with the last 500 metres.

Shirt and knit, second hand.


c'est freak, le chic said...

You're very, very stunning x

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

That mint green shirt is so cute! =)

Gabriela said...

did you really trek all that distance by foot? whatever mint-bergamot tea is, it sounds delicious. also, i wish i could pull off ponytails and collar shirts. grr.

Maria said...

c'est: thanks buddy!

hope: thanks! it's just an old shirt I cut

gabriela: half a kilometer? yea I did, like a penguin.

xs said...

this post is almost poetic. i love the pop of greeen and mix of sheer/chunky textures. be careful out there!

Grace said...

That shirt is great!

Love Grace.