Saturday, January 28, 2012


It's Saturday of a very demanding week.
The previous five days have disappeared somewhere.
I can't remember when I was happy or when I was sad...
I remember a lot of snow being shoveled down from the roofs all over the city,
the snow hitting windows on the way at my house,
creating endless, calming powder dust that lingers slowly in the air at nights.
Forever is now.

Leather pants, sweater, silk shirt, second hand. Our Legacy cashmere beanie, Laitinen jacket.


babô said...

i love that sweater!

Jess said...

this outfit is pretty cool, you look like a french woman crossed with a teenage skater. (in the best possible way, obviously) like your style, woman! x

the style crusader said...

Still waiting for the first snow here. Seriously wishing it would come already.

Love your outfit. The sweater is gorgeous. xx

Maria said...

babo: thanks! I love it too, but it's actually the only acrylic sweater I have, I have to wear a silk shirt underneath all of the time!

Jess: that pretty much sums up my style :D I'm a quality freak who loves to wear fun clothes also!

the style crusader: I wonder why isn't FInland selling snow. It would be a pretty lucrative business since we have plenty!

A La Mode said...

Cute outfit! I love the sweater and the grainyness of the photos. Raw and beautiful x

AVY said...

Cute girl! Liking the jacket too.

/ Avy

Hey Hey Coco said...


Prêt à Porter P said...

That sweater and that jacket, all perfect.

Maria said...

a la mode: thank you!

AVY: thanks!

hey hey coco: I'd like the climate at least!

Prêt a Porter P: thanks, I was thinking they would look great together when I bought the sweater and they did.