Monday, January 09, 2012


French-made long wool blazer, print pants, wooden bracelet, second hand. Acne Tracks and vintage silver folio belt.

Photo Sanna Lehto.

When I first bought those print pants the beginning of last summer, I felt pretty ridiculous. After actually wearing them, I felt ridiculously good.

I guess it's the moment when you realize you can finally have it all.

I bought a pair of Falke's socks the other day, silk-cashmere blend and became childishly happy. They are so soft, like a second skin, you forgot you have put socks on the minute you pull them up. Pure bliss, in a form of socks. I know I'm a victim of consumerism but this time I'm loving it.


DREAMY said...

hmm i have some similar trousers i was feeling doubtful of, but on you, teamed with the neutrals, they just look fantastic!

Maria said...

dreamy: yeah, it took me couple of not so good test outfits to pair them right..

tutta said...

that wool blazer looks great!

A.n.E said...

The beauty of thrift stores, its like shopping with a gut feeling that you're gonna make it work. The stuff mite sit there for a few weeks/ months... But then one day - voila, it's meant to be!

I second you on the falke's, boy do they last! Their black wool stockings for winter and you'll never go back.

A La Mode said...

Those wood print trousers are beautiful, I love your wine coloured acne shoes too! This look is awesome.

Maria said...

tutta: thanks, it's one of my favorite items!

A.n.E: Exactly! I just wish that with some pieces it took less than, lets say, five years :D

A La Mode: thank you so much!