Friday, January 07, 2011


1. Photo Maarten Vanden Abeele, coreography Pina Bausch 2. Raf Simons Embroideried shoes I found from here.

Now, this is what I live for.
Eventually you just get to that point.
You take a mental note or two, Moleskines are mainstream behaviour.

My mom offered me a cigarette.
To keep away the moths in your wool, she said.
This is a first obsession that I think runs throught the family.

I also figured out why I will never be a great photographer.
Great photographers have a certain touch.
I'm all hands on, you know?

To wake up every day and think what I can give, instead of take...
It's like listening to an ukulele cover of Darth Vader theme.
While writing things that can shape the rest of your life.

I know that sounds too epic but it's just as worse as people from middle class going to trips to search themselves and be free.
Wake up, if you want to know what freedom really is simply go somewhere where it doesn't exist.
Give your tickets to me, I've learned the world through a screen.

Give a better excuse why you can't love while staying here.
You're afraid, aren't you?
I can always tell, I'm doing it too, but without the privileges.


Shilpi said...

Your posts are so insightful, I love reading them



Anonymous said...

holy shit

Obscure Alternatives said...

thanks for the link.
wow i love your blog, great photos!

joy said...

While you may not think you are a great photographer you must know that you are a great writer. I have enjoyed your musings on this blog.

PS. I love fun family traditions. I guess smoking is a give or take though.

Maria said...

shilpi: thank you so much :)

a: life is a secy beach....

oa: thank you :)

joy: thanks! well, with the tradition I mean taking care of clothes (via preventing them from moths etc) :D