Friday, January 14, 2011


laura skateboarding

Laura skateboarding and standing in front of flowers, Autumn 2010.

I finished my personal statement for UK Universities today.
I applied to Central Saint Martins for Fashion Communication and Promotion,
London College of Fashion for Creative Direction for Fashion and Fashion Photography
and then University of Creative arts for Fashion Promotion & Imaging and Photography (the latter is a collaboration school with the school I am now so basically I'm guaranteed to get in to the Photography program).

Wait, how many times did I just write fashion there?
I am also going to also apply to Stockholm University's Fashion Studies where I got in this year but it never worked out.
And I'm taking a weekly sketching course in case I feel like applying for TAIK here in Finland later. I got to the final stage in the entrance exams this year, too bad I totally lacked the skills...1/5 points from all the last assignments was a bummer. And I do blame my drawing skills, not the clothes I imagined, ha ha.

Fuck it, I just want to say that it took me a good amount of time and patience from my friends to finally get to this cocky, I'm here to learn and I'm pretty awesome and talented stage. I am fully enjoying it.

Have a great weekend you all!


Kristin Wyly said...

I love the photography you post. They look like little memories.

o s o p o l a r said...

was... the light is amazing !!!!

lula said...

Beautiful photos! And you seem to know exactly what you want to do in future, that's pretty awesome! (i'm totally lost) :)

wobblinbetty said...

So nice images!!

Vanessa said...

ihana tunnelma näissä! :)

Maria said...

thanks all! unfortunatley I think tinypic is fucking with all of my pics so before I fix it, take a look at the flickr versions...

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

I would have to agree that you are talented and have a lot of potential. I'm going to watch out for you in the future. Go on and be cocky!

Maria said...

thank you, I will!