Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I'm excited because today I recieved plane tickets to Copenhagen, more about that later! I'm also visiting London for three nights before Copenhagen and there's also Flow festival coming up, so I'm enjoying this August fully though it's full of duties and I have no idea what I'm doing in September. Maybe I'll be watching Conan O'Brien's farewell speech from Tonight Show and vowing myself not to be cynical, maybe I'll be studying photography or perhaps working as a cashier. Right now I'm wondering where I could find a nice portfolio case for my entrance interview tomorrow and styling DINOSAURUXIA for their gig in North Finland which is also tomorrow. Today I actually found a nice white button-down shirt with pearls lining the collar and pockets, that's going to work beautifully.

Jonathan took these lovely pictures of me outside sauna at the summerhouse trip, just before the camera battery died. The day was turning into night, the light was perfect and we swam in the sunset. I wore my favorite leather jacket I took along to the weekend for photographs. For the rest of time I wore silk and cashmere, just because it cheers me up though it's not the most practical gear for blueberry-picking and usually becomes a victim of coloured sun block.

Wish me luck for the interview! I can't wait for weekend to curl up in bed with books about Alaia, Pantone colors, factory farming and Bret Easton Ellis in swedish....I love reading the most random mix of books.

Ps. Thanks for finnish Trendi magazine for mentioning me as one of their favorite bloggers here!


ATW said...

love your blog.

Nataliexxx said...

in absolute love with how the sunlight is reflecting off your skin in these images - very inspiring. And have a great time in Copenhagen! :)

Alice said...

great light in the pictures! mhm


very pretty takes, kissed by sun :)

ebba said...

answer: no, actually glass is forbidden, but I'll tell you a secret: they're plastic. but fancy, indeed

Maria said...

atw: thank you!

nataliexxx: thanks I will!

alice: yep, we were lucky!

the divinitus: thank you dear!

ebba: aa, well they looked like glass, but now I wanna know where I can get plastic wine glasses!

Helen said...

Eka kuva... I DIE! Hotness galore!

C. said...

Sublime photos, the light make a beautiful shadows,
it makes a sensual and poetic pictures.

Great blog.

miriam said...

you are so damn beautiful!! i didn't know that it was you on the pictures at first.. love these pics! and good luck on the interview x

Maria said...

helen: hihiiiii hehee thanks!

C.: thank you, we really had luck with the light that moment!

miriam: thanks hun, so are you!

Anonymous said...

looooooove the pics, did helen take these? LiZ