Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Givenchy Haute Couture SS2010

Riccardo Tisci in February 2007 in New York Times interview:

Q. How were sales for the January couture collection?

A. When I arrived we had five customers. Now we have 29.

Q. It must be a great affirmation to see young women, strangers, in your clothes?

A. I was in Cannes last year for the film festival and I saw this Russian girl, very beautiful, 23 years old. It was amazing to see her in my dress — a green dress from the last show, with the shoes and the bag and everything. It’s like the Arabic countries. Some of the princes have, like, 10 daughters, and they all dress in couture. It’s funny, they all come.

I wonder what the situation is now...

Now I like my paillette jacket seen in the last post a little bit more...I deemed it as tacky for a while but hey...

I just really hope Haute Couture doesn't die out.

Pictures Catwalking


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