Sunday, February 10, 2008

R.I.P Polaroids

* I guess you didn't notice my inter-linking skillz:( In the opening line click "this" and it will take you to The Boston Globe article, OK. Plus you can also Google things if you're skeptic? I do that all the time. It's great, really, check it out. I chose "the washington post polaroid " and "polaroid shutting down" as my key words and got nice, reliable results.

Didn't see this one coming? Me neither! I always dreamed that one day I'll have a cool Polaroid camera and I'd take cool pictures with super expensive film. That's unlikely now - they've stopped the production of of those cameras and now they are closing down the factories that produce the films. Oh the sadness! And now I want to take Polaroid pictures even more.

It also makes me think about iconic fashion houses and their products that are deemed as everlasting classics. You know, that bag, that other bag, that silk carf, those ballerinas, that blazer....Which one of them will be the first to go? They might be hugely in demand today and it's true that the luxury biz is as popular and common as McDonalds, but the times, the times they are a-changing'.

To lighten up the mood a bit, here are some of my favorites from the NYFW shows for fall 2008.

Alexandre Herchcovitch. This is just really cute and wearable and with nice details and patterns and colours. That is sometimes enough.

Alexander Wang. Modeled by Iris Strubegger, who isn't German like I told you before, but Austrian. Pants, hood, zipper and something furry = will do.

Calvin Klein. Maybe I've watched too much C.S.I but that cut on the jacket reminds me of the T-cut they to do dead people when they want to know what's inside. Metallics, maybe.

Rodarte. Didn't enjoy the styling here, or the shoes, but this dress has to die for (literally, as one of the inspirations behind this collection are Japanese horror movies) colour combination.

Y-3. This is so...cooooooooooooooool, in every way.

Must say I really enjoyed certain shows, but not really. They were all lacking that certain something I was looking for - and I think Calvin Klein under Francisco Costa's helm became the closest. I wish I could just touch all the materials in these see if they changed my overall opinion.

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Siiri said...

ok, thanks for the information :) my blogger account has a problem, but anyway, I'm the annoying girl going to Holland.......... (wtf I don't make sense today sorry)

Bambi said...

No ! !
I love Polaroid cameras. Who is the person behind this madness!? :/

I thought the Y-3 collection was superb. Also found some nice things at Calvin Klein and Rodarte. Nice taste you have! :)

stupidcupcake said...

NOOOO.Polaroids, that's just wrong! How do you know that?
I feel a major thing for buying a cam now + all the films I can get hold on!

How can they do that? Noo

the iron chic said...

Everyone agrees on the Rodarte collection.
The tights are so memorable and the dresses were specifically designed to melt girls' hearts....

Soul Tanggg said...

i don't think that information about Polaroids is correct. Where dis you hear that??!? Sorry, I'm just a polaroid photographer, and there are so many different uses for polaroids.
i think it's some silly rumour.

Soul Tanggg said...


indie said...

siiri: It's alright.

bambi: if I tried to be really funny, I'd say Mr. Compact or Mr.DSLR is behind this...

stupidcupcake: yeah, I want to go out and buy a cam and film too :/

The Iron Chic: indeed, the dresses are like candy!

Soul Tanggg: I first read it from MySpace bulletin, where someone posted The Washington Post article. Sorry hun, but it's true.

Rachel said...

This is such sad news, everyone i know has grown up with the beloved polaroid camera :( oh sad news.

p.s. your blog is so cute and inspiring, i linked it to mine :)

ambrosiality said...

@ Soul Tanggg

I believe its true. I heard it was announced feb 8th that Polaroid, the company will stop making their instants, however other instant cameras will continue to be in existence.

but we polaroid fans are in tears, fuji just isnt the same =/

merikarhu said...

EIIIIIEIEIEIEIEIE!!! Ei just polaroideja, i love polaroids! jsut olen saamassa isoveikalta lainaan kameran, mutta näköjään täytyy ostaa varastot täyteen filmiä, ja todellakin harkita kun ottaa jotain kuvaa. voihan pihvimiespuikula :(