Saturday, October 27, 2007

Look who is up in my Vogue

November Paris Vogue is dedicated to Bruce Weber, and one of the editorials features Daria Werbowy and...the whole family from "Dog the Bounty Hunter". WTF?? It's one of those reality shows that is so bad and lame it's actually quite good time-killer, and it's kinda exotic because it takes place in Hawaii. But I'm not sure if I want to see it in my Vogue...The editorial is simply titled Duane 'Dog' Chapman, by the husband and the leader of the Chapman bounty hunters, whose signature is long, blonded hair and tacky sunglasses. The only one who can beat him in this tackiness of peroxide hair and over-tan is her wife, who also has a pair of enormous boobs. Just go to wikipedia if you want to know more about them, fascinating stuff over there. Here is parts of the editorial, shot by Bruce Weber, Joe McKenna's the Fashion Editor. I think it's genius...but then again I have this obsession with 90s furry anything.

Scanned by Rita, and you should be able to click them for bigger.

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riz said...

I like Daria's tee in that first pic